NWO grant for MRSTAT

January 06, 2021

The NWO just awarded our team with a 250,000 euro grant to promote socially relevant aspects of MR-STAT.
Applicants: Dr. Alessandro Sbrizzi (Principal investigator, computational imaging, UMC), Dr. Wouter Boon (Copernicus Institute for Sustainable Development, UU), Dr. Ghislaine van Thiel (Julius Center, UMC)

Title project: Responsible implementation of quantitative MRI (ResQuMRI) Description: Technical opportunities of quantitative MRI in radiology have been extensively debated, but how to responsibly develop these technologies has not yet been an issue of concern. This is relevant because there are many uncertainties about the desirability, feasibility and implementation of the technology and views on this are not necessarily aligned among actors in the healthcare system. The ResQuMRI project addresses this by: