Aishwarya completed her Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering at Amrita University, India. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Electrical Engineering at the University of Twente specializing in Computer Vision and Biometrics. She joined the Radiotherapy Department of the UMC Utrecht and the Computational Imaging Group for her Master’s research project in September 2020. Under the supervision of Matteo Maspero and Nico van den Berg, Aishwarya worked on using deep learning techniques for low dose CT reconstruction. For her Master thesis, she aimed at training a deep learning framework called the invertible recurrent inference machine (iRIM) for low dose CT reconstruction. Additionally, she also explored the generalization capability of the CT reconstruction model on low dose CT data that belonged to different anatomical regions of the body and that was simulated under different noise levels and x-ray source beam geometries.


Keywords: Deep learning | image reconstruction | computed tomography | recurrent inference machines

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