Alexandru was born in Timisoara (Romania) in October 1992 and did his bachelor studies in Systems and Control at Politehnica University of Timisoara. During his bachelor studies he developed an interest in digital signal processing. He pursued his interest and did an internship on radar signal processing at Hella Electronics. During his time at Hella he had the opportunity to simulate the modulation of the radar signals, the digital signal processing and the detection for a radar system.

Since images are also signals, Alexandru also got interested in digital image processing and found out that image data is very suited to be used in artificial intelligence algorithms. Thus, he decided to do a master in computer vision and biometrics at University of Twente where he was introduced both to the classical computer vision and to the field of artificial intelligence. During his master he did an internship at Sony Electronics in Germany where he used artificial intelligence to classify radar targets and for the last part of his master studies Alexandru did his thesis at UMC Utrecht in the Computational Imaging Group coordinated by Matteo Maspero. The theme of the thesis was to design an algorithm that uses deep learning to speed up the iterative reconstruction and improve the quality the CT images.

Alexandru is now working as radar software developer at Bosch in Budapest.


Keywords: Deep learning | image reconstruction | computed tomography | iterative reconstruction |
inverse problem

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