Mike Eijbersen completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Physics and Astronomy at Radboud University Nijmegen specialising in the Physics of Molecules subprogramme of the Master’s degree. He’s done his Master’s Project at RadboudUMC’s radiology department under the supervision of Tom Scheenen (RadboudUMC) and Nicolo de Groot (Theoretical High Energy Physics/NIKHEF) working on separating in vitro pyruvate and lactate hyper-polarized MR-signals using Dixon methods. Apart from his practical work there, Mike also worked on his theoretical understanding of Magnetic Resonance. His thesis also includes the theoretical considerations for hyper-polarization and MR-physics in general. Mike is currently a PhD-student within Electromagnetics for MRI under the supervision of Alexander Raaijmakers and within MR-STAT under supervision Alessandro Sbrizzi where Nico van den Berg is the professor for both projects. Mike’s work includes the creation and computation of realistic Electromagnetic and Quantum mechanical models for both projects.


Keywords: EM in MRI: Transfer function / Transfer Matrix, Jefimenko Equations, Spherical Harmonics MR-STAT: Density Matrix Formalism, J-Coupling, Relaxation Operator

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