Naomi Vermeulen completed her B.Sc. in Technical Medicine in 2018 and is currently persuing her M.Sc. in Medical Imaging and Interventions, both at the University of Twente (the Netherlands). Under the supervision of Nico van den Berg, Wietse Eppinga, Ferdi van der Heijden and Can Tan, she is currently working on her M.Sc. thesis at the Computational Imaging Group, UMC Utrecht.

The goal of her internship is to automate the calculation of the SINS (spinal neoplastic instability score). The SINS is a classification system for spinal instability and it assesses six variables based on clinical and radiographic components. The first step to automate the calculation of this score, will be to train a deep learning network that segments and annotates the vertebrae of the spine from CT scans of patients with spinal metastases. Finally, post-processing will be performed to calculate the SINS automatically based on those segmentations and annotations.

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