Soraya Gavazzi studied Biomedical Engineering at Politecnico di Torino (Italy), graduating cum laude in March 2015. During her MSc education, she got interested in the biomedical applications of electromagnetic fields. Therefore, she pursued a 1-year research project on the characterization of the ex vivo electrical properties of human thyroid tissues. In December 2015, she joined the Radiotherapy Department of University Medical Center Utrecht to pursue a PhD. Here, she measured the in vivo electrical properties of human body tissues with MRI, mostly for oncological applications. In particular, she optimized MRI acquisition techniques, developed a deep learning-based approach for electrical property reconstruction and applied these developments within the research workflow for hyperthermia treatment planning of a partner institution (Radiation Oncology Dept, Amsterdam UMC). After her PhD experience, she joined Elekta to explore radiotherapy from an industrial perspective.


PhD Thesis: Technical developments for MR-based electrical property mapping

Keywords: Electrical Properties Tomography (EPT) | quantitative MRI | B1 field mapping | Hyperthermia treatment planning

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