Xabier completed his Bachelor’s degree in Physics at the University of the Basque Country, in Leioa, Spain. He is currently pursuing his master’s in Medical Imaging in Utrecht University. In May 2022, as part of his Master’s programme, he started his Major research project on automatic delineation of Organs at Risk (OARs) in pediatric kidney tumour patients, under the supervision of Bas van der Velden and Geert Janssens.

In October 2022, due to a change in the supervision of the project, he joined the Computational Imaging Group, under the supervision of Matteo Maspero. His focus in this project will be to obtain accurate automatic delineations for the Organs at Risk using AI, comparing different state-of-the art segmentation tools and adding some new functionalities to them. The particularity of the project lays on the variation of organ characteristics from one patient to another, due to the variablity of patients’ ages in the pediatric dataset. An accurate automatic delineation would potentially assist radiotherapists in the time consuming task of manually delineating these organs, and greatly reduce treatment planning times.

Projects: Deep learning in Radiotherapy

Keywords: Deep Learning | Image segmentation | Organs at Risk

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