Stefan Zijlema studied Biomedical Engineering (BSc) and Medical Engineering (MSc) at Eindhoven University of Technology. During his Master, he completed a 4-month internship on the subject of MRI motion correction at Philips Research in Hamburg, Germany. Furthermore, he performed a year-long graduation project at the Radiotherapy department of the UMC Utrecht. This work focused on sequence optimization and motion quantification of dynamic 3D imaging of the prostate. After his graduation in 2017, Stefan started as a PhD candidate at the Computational Imaging Group under the supervision of Nico van den Berg and Rob Tijssen. Within the RESOLVE project he is responsible for the development of radiation transparent, or radiolucent, receive arrays for the 1.5 T MR-linac. Recently, the application of these radiolucent receive arrays for simultaneous PET/MRI has become a topic of interest.

Subject motion in MRI (RESOLVE)

Three most recent publications

Keywords: MRI-guided radiotherapy | MRI receive array development | Radiolucent coil design | Simultaneous PET/MRI | 3D motion estimation

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