About: The Computational Imaging Group for MRI Therapy & Diagnostics works on the development and application of new MR image acquisition, reconstruction and processing techniques for MRI guided radiotherapy and diagnostic applications. In this context, Deep learning applications for image reconstruction, manipulations and information extraction in radiotherapy became in the last years a key technology in the groups research. Another focus area is radiofrequency field in MRI where we focus on RF antenna engineering and RF safety aspects such as RF induced tissue heating and the development of MRI based method to facilitate safe scanning of implants.


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Spectro-Dynamic MRI

Characterizing dynamical systems from k-space data

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RF Sensing

Reducing heart failure hospitalizations with wearable diagnostics

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Deep learning in Radiotherapy

Developing convolutional neural networks for radiotherapy

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Magnetic Resonance Spin Tomography in the Time Domain

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Electrical properties

Magnetic Resonance Electrical properties tomography

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Motion and MRI

Developing fast real-time motion estimation for MR-guided radiotherapy

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Electromagnetics in MRI

Developing new solutions for electromagnetics in MRI.

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Alessandro Sbrizzi
Associate Professor
Alexander Raaijmakers
Assistant Professor
Stefano Mandija
Assistant Professor
Matteo Maspero
Assistant Professor
Mark Savenije
Computer Scientist